Even though you left this world before you should have you never left my heart. When I hear your favorite songs I see you singing dancing and I cry and I smile. When I dream you often are there conversing with me saying things I know you’d say so wise but always laughing. You were … Continue reading Distance


Common pigeons coo under the eaves just outside my window above the balcony I like to call them rock doves their more sophisticated name it makes my bird-watching sound more serious In listening to the pigeons you’d think they never leave but a more careful observer sees families transient they make their home only for … Continue reading Pigeons


Home is here but is also there each carried in me like a precious jewel The home I must leave was an opportunity now past its prime The mountains giants I fear filling me with awe The ocean cold and unwelcoming yet its breathing draws me near The forests where I’ve become lost are ripe … Continue reading Homes